Very First Video Of My Games Collection

Written on Montag 21 Mai 2012 at 11:39 by Dieter
Filed under CCC.

Well I was relaxing at my parents‘ house today and suddenly had the idea of making a video of my games collection. That’s an easy job with today’s smart phones and soon I had uploaded the video to YouTube.

I had always stored my collection in banana boxes in the cellar of our appartment since I started collecting in the early 1990s. To enjoy my collection I had to go down in the cellar, open the boxes and put the games out. Non-satisfying. Three years ago my grandma, who lives only a few minutes away, told me that she had a room which she doesn’t use anymore. That was a great opportunity to use it as a video games room. Finally I could put my games in shelves. Very satisfying!

Now this is the very first video of (a big part of) my collection in twenty years of collecting!

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