For Which Systems Are Atarisoft Titles Available?

Atarisoft titles are available for almost every popular computer and video game system from the early Eighties:

– Cartridges for the home computers Texas Instruments TI 99/4A, Commodore VIC 20 and Commodore 64
– Cartridges for the video game systems CBS Colecovision and Mattel Intellivision
– Floppy discs (5.25 inches) for the personal computers IBM PC, Apple II and IBM PC Jr
– Cassette tapes for the home computers Sinclair ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro

So Atarisoft produced software for ten different systems! Though it is not sure yet if the titles for IBM PC Jr ever have been released. They are stated on the Atari Master List but up to now I do not own any and I do not know any collectors that own them. And there is also rumour that Atari worked on some titles for the British Acorn home computers.

Not every Atarisoft title is available for every of the above systems. The more popular the system, the more titles are available. Please refer to our list for further details.

Latest news as of April 2004: Atari released also at least one game title under the Atarisoft label for their own 400/800/XL/XE 8-bit computer series. Please check the „Specials“ section for more info.

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