Baseball+ Introduction

With the development of the Odyssey3, Magnavox also developed some games to show the power of the new console at fairs like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Most of the games were titles we know from the Odyssey2 or Videopac G7000, but with additional background graphics. Those have been released for the European Philips G7400 later, like Stone Sling, Freedom Fighters, Attack Of The Timelord (Terrahawks) or Killer Bees. There was also Flash Point which was never released by Philips for the G7400, so I made a limited edition of 100 copies available on cart in 2004.

But there was another Odyssey3 prototype game: Baseball! Magnavox showed the well known Odyssey2 game with additional background graphics for the Odyssey3 – which made sense, because America was, and still is, crazy about Baseball. However, Philips did not take over the prototype for the European G7400, simply because that sport was never really popular in the old world.

So I decided to make a run of 100 carts of Baseball+. RenĂ© van den Enden patched the game so it will run also on PAL consoles – including the nice background graphics for the G7400 and compatibles of course.

Being a European who did not know the Baseball rules before, I learned the basics of this sport through Videopac 8 in the early 1980s and found it quite entertaining. The nice drawn background graphics again add a lot of fun, so non-American Videopac fans will like the game too.

The game debuted at the second Retrobörse in Vienna on 4th December 2010 and many of the visitors really played the game on our G7401 that was connected to a RGB monitor through SCART cable, resulting in a crisp clear picture.

Baseball+ is fun, even for Europeans!

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