History Of The Atarisoft FAQ

V0.33 23-Jan-06 Added BBC Robotron 2084 (Thanks to Peter Eikenboom).
V0.32 13-Dec-05 New release status for C64 Mario Bros, Stargate, Track & Field (Thanks to Mayhem).
V0.31 01-Aug-05 Added C64 Centipede photos. Added BBC PP cat. no. (Thanks to Peter Eikenboom).
V0.30 13-Jul-05 Added C64 Centipede in small box to Trivia section (Thanks to Peter Eikenboom).
V0.29 16-Oct-04 Added three games for Atari XL/XE to the list (Thanks to Atari Frog).
V0.28 14-Oct-04 Changed some rarity ratings for VIC 20 and Commodore 64 (Thanks to Mayhem).
V0.27 07-Jul-04 Added four games for BBC Micro (Thanks to Matt Reichert).
V0.26 03-May-04 Added Nostradamus for Atari XL/XE in „Specials“ section.
V0.25 13-Apr-04 Added TI-99 videogamehouse link.
V0.24 14-Aug-02 Added „In which countries have Atarisoft titles been sold“ section.
V0.23 10-Aug-02 Added „Trivia“ section. Added Pole Position for BBC Micro.
V0.22 23-Feb-02 Added Tempest 2000 for IBM PC in „Specials“ section (Thanks to Anthony Chapman).
V0.21 28-Nov-01 Added section „Numbering system“.
V0.20 20-Nov-01 Added titles for computers from Atari Master List (Thanks to John Hardie).
V0.17 17-Nov-01 Added titles for Coleco and Intellivision from Atari Master List (Thanks to John Hardie).
V0.16 28-Jul-01 Added system requirements for Joust on IBM PC (Thanks to Otter).
V0.15 21-Jul-01 Added sections „Picture gallery“ and „System requirements“.
V0.13 06-Jul-01 Added 12 titles for IBM PC. Added Donkey Kong Jr for Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
V0.12 04-Jun-01 Fixed some typos. Some minor changes.
V0.11 01-Jun-01 Added „History of this FAQ“. Added Joust for IBM PC (Thanks to Otter).
V0.10 01-Jun-01 First release.

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