Intellivision NTSC And PAL Games List

This is a list of all officially released games for the Mattel Intellivision with information if the game was released in NTSC and/or PAL countries. Not included is the software for the Keyboard Component computer add-on that was only test-marketed in some regions of the United States.

Intellivision games are not region-coded in any way, so NTSC games will run on PAL machines and vice versa. In fact, there isn’t even a difference between carts sold in NTSC and PAL countries. The only differences are the language(s) of the manuals and in most cases the packaging. Mattel’s regular NTSC releases have screen shots and a game description in English on the back side of the boxes. Mattel’s regular PAL releases have only screen shots on the back side of the boxes (without description), and they have two small diagonal slots that held two cornes of the localized manuals – so when the games sat (shrinkwrapped) on the store shelves, you could see the titles of the manuals in your language on the back side of the boxes.

Anyway, I wanted to compile a complete list that shows which titles were sold in NTSC countries and which were sold in PAL countries.

The NTSC part was pretty easy, as probably the only two games that were not sold in NTSC countries are Super Cobra and Tutankham, both by Parker.

The PAL part is much harder, as no PAL lists exist so far (well in fact this is the reason why I generated this list). To my knowledge the following games were NOT sold in PAL countries: The Mattel games that need the Intellivoice interface, all games by Atarisoft, Dextell, Interphase and INTV.

There might still be errors in the list. If you can help us, please discuss this list in the corresponding thread in our Intellivision forum or contact me via the contact form. Thanks in advance!

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Game Publisher NTSC PAL
ABPA Backgammon Mattel Yes Yes
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Mattel Yes Yes
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure Of Tarmin Mattel Yes Yes
Armor Battle Mattel Yes Yes
Astrosmash Mattel Yes Yes
Atlantis Imagic Yes Yes
Auto Racing Mattel Yes Yes
B-17 Bomber Mattel Yes Yes 1)
Beamrider Activision Yes  
Beauty And The Beast Imagic Yes Yes
Blockade Runner Interphase Yes  
Bomb Squad Mattel Yes Yes 1)
Boxing Mattel Yes Yes
Bump´n´Jump Mattel Yes Yes
Burger Time Mattel Yes Yes
Buzz Bombers Mattel Yes Yes
Carnival Coleco/CBS Yes Yes
Centipede Atarisoft Yes  
Championship Tennis Dextell Yes Yes 2)
Checkers (Draughts) Mattel Yes Yes
Commando INTV Yes  
Congo Bongo Sega Yes  
Defender Atarisoft Yes  
Demon Attack Imagic Yes Yes
Dig Dug INTV Yes  
Diner INTV Yes  
Donkey Kong Coleco/CBS Yes Yes
Donkey Kong Jr Coleco/CBS Yes Yes
Dracula Imagic Yes Yes
Dragonfire Imagic Yes Yes
Fathom Imagic Yes  
Frog Bog Mattel Yes Yes
Frogger Parker Yes Yes
Happy Trails Activision Yes Yes
Horse Racing Mattel Yes Yes
Hover Force INTV Yes  
Ice Trek Imagic Yes Yes
Kool-Aid Man Mattel Yes Yes
Lady Bug Coleco/CBS Yes Yes
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Mattel Yes Yes
Las Vegas Roulette Mattel Yes Yes
Learning Fun I INTV Yes  
Learning Fun II INTV Yes  
Lock´n´Chase Mattel Yes Yes
Loco-Motion Mattel Yes Yes
Major League Baseball Mattel Yes Yes
Masters Of The Universe: The Power Of He-Man Mattel Yes Yes
Math Fun Mattel Yes Yes
Melody Blaster (ECS Music Synthesizer) Mattel Yes  
Microsurgeon Imagic Yes Yes
Mind Strike (ECS) Mattel Yes  
Mission X Mattel Yes Yes
Motocross Mattel Yes 3) Yes
Mouse Trap Coleco/CBS Yes Yes
Mr. Basic Meets Bits´n´Bytes (ECS) Mattel Yes  
NASL Soccer Mattel Yes Yes
NBA Basketball Mattel Yes Yes
NFL Football Mattel Yes Yes
NHL Hockey Mattel Yes Yes
Night Stalker Mattel Yes Yes
Nova Blast Imagic Yes Yes
Pac-Man Atarisoft Yes  
PBA Bowling Mattel Yes Yes
PGA Golf Mattel Yes Yes
Pinball Mattel Yes Yes
Pitfall Activision Yes Yes
Pole Position INTV Yes  
Popeye Parker Yes Yes
Q*bert Parker Yes Yes
Reversi Mattel Yes Yes
River Raid Activision Yes  
Royal Dealer Mattel Yes Yes
Safecracker Imagic Yes Yes
Scooby Doo´s Maze Chase (ECS) Mattel Yes  
Sea Battle Mattel Yes Yes
Sewer Sam Interphase Yes  
Shark! Shark! Mattel Yes Yes
Sharp Shot Mattel Yes Yes
Snafu Mattel Yes Yes
Space Armada Mattel Yes Yes
Space Battle Mattel Yes Yes
Space Hawk Mattel Yes Yes
Space Spartans Mattel Yes Yes 1)
Stadium Mud Buggies INTV Yes  
Stampede Activision Yes Yes
Star Strike Mattel Yes Yes
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Parker Yes Yes
Sub Hunt Mattel Yes Yes
Super Cobra Parker   Yes
Super Pro Basketball INTV Yes  
Super Pro Decathlon INTV Yes  
Super Pro Football INTV Yes  
Super Pro Golf INTV Yes  
Super Pro Hockey INTV Yes  
Super Pro Skiing INTV Yes  
Super Pro Volleyball INTV Yes  
Super Pro Wrestling INTV Yes  
Swords & Serpents Imagic Yes Yes
Tennis Mattel Yes Yes
The Dreadnaught Factor Activision Yes 3)  
The Jetsons' Ways With Words (ECS) Mattel Yes  
Thin Ice INTV Yes  
Thunder Castle INTV Yes  
Tower Of Doom INTV Yes  
Triple Action Mattel Yes Yes
Triple Challenge INTV Yes  
Tron: Deadly Disks Mattel Yes Yes
Tron: Maze-A-Tron Mattel Yes Yes
Tron: Solar Sailer Mattel Yes Yes 1)
Tropical Trouble Imagic Yes Yes
Truckin´ Imagic Yes  
Turbo Coleco/CBS Yes Yes
Tutankham Parker   Yes
U.S. Ski Team Skiing Mattel Yes Yes
USCF Chess Mattel Yes Yes
Utopia Mattel Yes Yes
Vectron Mattel Yes Yes
Venture Coleco/CBS Yes Yes
White Water! Imagic Yes Yes
Word Fun Mattel Yes Yes
World Championship Baseball INTV Yes  
World Cup Soccer Dextell Yes Yes 2)
World Series Major League Baseball (ECS) Mattel Yes  
Worm Whomper Activision Yes  
Zaxxon Coleco/CBS Yes Yes


1) The four games for the IntelliVoice add-on were sold in Europe too, but those were probably no official releases for the PAL market by Mattel, but grey imports. Norman Pelz for example has a Space Spartans with additional typewritten German instructions, bought in a Quelle department store. Any additional info on the IntelliVoice games in Europe are welcome! B-17 Bomber was not sold in Germany due to the World War II scenario.

Addendum: The typewritten German instructions were really made by Mattel. In late 1983, when the video game crash shook the USA, Mattel no longer made special European versions of their games, but took the US versions and added cheap German instructions. The same probably happened in other European countries. (Thanks to Michael Lünzer)

2) I have the two Dextell games with multilingual manual in English, French and Italian, so the games must have been sold in Europe. Would be interesting to know if other European language versions of the manuals exist.

3) Motocross and The Dreadnought Factor are the only two games that will not work on PAL consoles, due to bankswitching problems (a 50/60 Hz issue). Intellivision Inc corrected that in the Motocross game, so this version of Motocross wil play on PAL machines too. The Mattel version of Motocross will not play on PAL machines. (Thanks to Michael Lünzer)

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