How Video Games Invaded The Home TV Set – Chapter 27

Monday Nite Football

The game was unusual in concept: Basically, before the action started on the football field, each gamer would decide on the paths to be taken by his quarterback, receiver and other players. The player would use a special function keyboard to enter his movement choices. When the Hike button was pushed, the action began as preplanned. After that point in time, each player had the option of over controlling his pre-programmed team members to correct for new situations resulting from the real time interaction of the two teams. For example, he could move the receiver so as to increase his chance of a successful catch. Similarly, the opponent could influence the possibility of an intercept if that presented itself in real time.

Monday Nite Football was unique and played like a charm. The Marvin Glass people – mainly Howard Morrison – decided that Bally would be a likely candidate to take an arcade license for the game. So we packed up our demo system, trucked it to Chicago and went to see Bally with Howard.

Howard Morrison, one of Marvin Glass’ partners and I ran the demo; we found ourselves surrounded by a half dozen glum looking Bally characters. Try as we might, we could not get any reaction out of them, one way or the other … a collection of poker faces!

Eventually, they left the room and caucused elsewhere. When they returned to the demo room, their verdict was “Thumbs down”! It was disappointing but frankly, I was glad to get the hell out of there! What a creepy bunch they were!

Smile – You’re On Camera!

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