Interview With Jeff Fenton

by Dieter Koenig, December 2001

For years I was searching for the mysterious company that programmed the Videopac games with the „GST Video“ logo in the title screen. Finally, in 2001, after endless searches in the world wide web, I really found GST. I got in contact with CEO Mr. Jeff Fenton and was able to ask him a few questions.

First of all, Mr. Fenton, I would like to thank you very much for the response to my email. It seems I found the „right“ GST?

We did indeed develop VideoPac games for Philips; its a very long time ago – 1982/3 I think. How can I help you?

Besides the released Videopacs Super Bee, Norseman and Blobbers, there are also some unreleased Videopac games by GST: Interpol, Martian Threat and Shark Hunter. Do you remember those games?

Yes, those were definitely us.

Do you still know why the last 3 games were never released? They seem to be fully playable.

I think Philips decided to stop selling the product – they moved to MSX and some of these games moved too.

All GST games for Videopac carry the GST logo in the title screen. But there is also Videopac 55+ „Neutron Star“ that has „GT“ in the title screen. Was that one also made by GST?

I don’t remember Neutron Star – that probably is GT.

The title screen of the released Videopac game #56 „Norseman“ reads „GST“ and two names: „A. ELTIS“ and „J. DOWDING“. Were those two names of GST programmers?

Yes they were.

The title screen of the released Videopac game #57 „The Blobbers“ reads „GST … ACE“. Were ACE the intitials of a GST programmer?

A C Eltis.

Did GST develop more Videopac games than the six mentioned above (3 released and 3 not released)?

I can’t recall any more.

Were there more Videopac programmers at GST besides the two mentioned above?

I think they were the only two although Mick Rouse might have worked on it too.

How did your business relationship with Philips start? Did Philips contact you or vice versa?

We had worked with Philips since 1975 – they asked us to help.

When did your work for the Philips Videopac system start? Why and when did it end?

Just don’t remember.

Did you also develop for Philips after they pulled the plug on the Videopac system? For example for their MSX computers?

Yes we did a lot of work on MSX.

How did your programmers learn about the Videopac system? Did they get tought at Philips in The Netherlands?

Our programmers worked on site in the Netherlands with Philips.

The Videopac+ G7400 was successor to the G7000 and it had high resolution graphics. Looking at Norseman, it seems that GST knew very well how to program the G7400! Is there anybody who can answer me some technical questions about the G7400?

No – it’s all too long ago.

Do you have any contact details of the programmers?

I don’t have contact details – Mick Rouse died a few years ago.

Do you still have any prototype cartridges, development systems or any technical/development docs?

No – we do have a Videopac that my Children used to play with.

Thank you the the interview, Mr. Fenton.

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