The CreatiVision Cassette Storage Module

by Dieter K├Ânig, 22-Jan-2010

I got a boxed CreatiVision Cassette Storage Module (CSM) today and thought I might set up a little page for it. Actually it is the first boxed CSM that I ever saw as CreatiVision release. I already own a boxed Dick Smith Wizzard (DSW) CSM, those pop up boxed maybe once a year and so are not as rare as the CreatiVision CSMs, however complete in box both releases are extremely rare. The units are the same, the DSW just has a Dick Smith sticker on it.

The CSM allows the storage of BASIC programs and data for the CreatiVision BASIC cartridge. But there are also some tapes for the CSM that were sold in the stores back then.

The CSM can be attached easily to the CreatiVision Main Unit by removing the left panel of the console and connecting the short interface cable of the CSM to the jack that appears under the panel of the console.

To be complete, the package must contain:
– Cassette Storage Module
– Demonstration tape
– Instructions (4 pages)
– 2 styrofoam parts
– Outer box

The back side of the box shows a drawing with a nice setup, consisting of the CreatiVision Main Unit with Moving-Key Keyboard, the CSM attached on the left side of the console, a Memory Expansion Module attached on the right side of the console, and a Serial & Parallel I/O Interface attached on the right side of the Memory Expansion Module. The Serial & Parallel I/O Interface can be connected with a CreatiVision Graphic Printer, a CreatiVision Telephone Interface and a CreatiVision Floppy Disc Drive (unfortunately none of those three peripherals were ever released). In a complete setup, the game cartridge would then be plugged in on the right side of the Serial & Parallel I/O Interface.

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