The Atarisoft Numbering System

Atari had an interesting numbering system within the Atarisoft range. They didn’t number the games ascending for every system, but they mixed the systems in their model number system. So for example model numbers RX8500, RX8501 and RX8502 are all Pac-Man versions, for TI 99/4A, VIC 20 and C-64. So to get a complete collection you don’t have to collect for a specific system, but you have to collect „Atarisoft“ ;-)

Games on cartridges have model numbers like RX85nn, where nn stands for an ascending 2-digit number. I do not know what the X means, but the R probably stands for „ROM cartridge“. (Note: The game cartridges for the 400/800/XL/XE computers had model numbers like RX8nnn, where the highest known number is RX8114.) Games on diskettes have model numbers like DX55nn, where the D probably stands for „Diskette“. The games on tapes for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum have model numbers like TSM953n, which probably stands for „Tape Spectrum“.

The games for CBS Colecovision and Mattel Intellivision do not have the RX in the model number, they are just 5-digit numbers, Colecovision games starting at 70001, Intellivision games starting at 702551.

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