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Gameplan: Third Edition

Juni 20th, 2009 by Dieter in Books

Gameplan, third editionWinnie Forster has released the third German edition of his first Gameplan book „Game Machines and Home Computers“. The latest edition has 240 pages with 700 illustrations and photos.

The book has been updated, some sections have been expanded, a few new photos can be found, as well as more entries in the indices. Of course all sections of the latest hardware generation have been updated and now contain all hardware variations that have been released since edition two of the book (2005), like Apple iPhone and Nintendo DSi.

The third edition of Gameplan 1 is available for 27,80 Euro.

Gameplan: Games People

Januar 5th, 2009 by Dieter in Books

Gameplan Games People Cover

Winnie Forster’s latest book brings you all the info you need about video and computer game programmers, designers and producers, teams and companies. This encyclopedia portraits them all, describes success and failure, rise and fall of legendary companies like Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Activision, Microprose and Sierra. Games People contains:

– 1500 lexical entries
– 220 biographies
– 1300 portraits of companies around the world
– 4500 computer, video and arcade games, assigned to their creators
– 650 web links

Games People has 400 pages, with tables, indices and more than 100 images. Please note that the book is only available in German language. In Austria you can order it via Classic Consoles Center. The price is 27.80 Euro. Shipping within Austria is 4.80 Euro. Please ask for shipping costs to other countries. If you have any questions or want to order your copy, please use our contact form.