Route 66 Introduction

Route 66 lettering

In 2007 Richard Page of released the first version of Route 66, a homebrew racing game by Rafael A. Cardoso da Silva and René van den Enden, as Videopac 66. Unfortunately Richard disappeared from the scene shortly after, so only very few copies of the game were really shipped.

In the following two years, Rafael and René improved the game and added high resolution background graphics for the Videopac Plus machines. Now the new version of the game is again available on cart, and this time 100 copies have been made, so that every Videopac/Odyssey2 collector can get one. It was the wish of the authors to make the game available in both Videopac and Odyssey2 styles, so every copy of the game will be shipped with label, manual and inlay/index card in both styles.

The Plus version of Route 66 was released at Eurocon/Retrobörse on 24th October 2009 in Vienna and is available via mail order since 8th November 2009. I hope you all like this improved version by Rafael A. Cardoso da Silva and René van den Enden.

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