My Philips G7400 – Back Home!

Written on Sonntag 8 Januar 2012 at 23:49 by Dieter
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"DIK" G7400"DIK" G7400: Closeup of the stickers"DIK" G7400: Serial number comparison between warranty card and console - match!Some time ago I noticed a Philips G7400 on eBay Austria, entitled as „Philips- DIK, Videopac + G7400“. That was strange, because DIK were my initials before CCC, I used them for example on arcade highscore lists in the 1980s. I clicked on the auction picture and suddenly I knew it – this must be MY Videopac console!

My dad once had a Samsonite briefcase with those stickers to put initials on the case. He gave me the stickers and I put them on my G7400 more than 25 years ago. I had completely forgotten about that, but when I saw the photo in the auction, the memories came back immediately.

I sold my G7400 in my hometown in 1985 to raise money for my new home computer, an Atari 130 XE. In the early 1990s my girlfriend wanted to buy the console back for me, but we noticed that it was the wrong one. The kid I had sold my G7400 to had apparently two of them. Later the traces disappeared. Now, two and a half decades later, the console resurfaced, 130 kilometers from my hometown.

Fortunately I could win the auction, however not very cheap because the seller mentioned the DIK in the auction title, so people thought it could be something special. I was excited when I opened the parcel. I still had the warranty card from 1983, so I just had to compare the serial numbers on the card and on the console. Match! It was really MY G7400!

The seller had bought the console only a few weeks earlier with other flea market stuff in the town where I live now. So he picked the console up here, drove 130 kilometers home, put it on ebay and, as I won it, shipped it back to the town where he picked it up. Anyway: my G7400 is back home and this time I will not sell it to raise money for my next home computer …

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