Tutankham Instruction Manual

by Dieter Koenig

Below are the instructions for Tutankham on the Philips Videopac how they could have looked like. I took the instructions of the Atari 2600 version and adapted them for the Videopac version. Please not that an even better, almost 100 % original style manual is included with our cart release.



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Rules © 1983 Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA 01915. Printed in U.S.A.
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Inside King Tut’s tomb are treasures beyond your wildest dreams. They can be yours … if you dare to take them. Supernatural creatures roam the mazes of the tomb guarding the treasures at all costs. Your only defenses against them are your laser gun … and your wits. Blast away, snatch the loot, escape through secret passageways before it’s too late! And when you see a key, take that, too. It will unlock the door to the next chanber and the next adventure. Enter King Tut’s tomb and see what awaits you … if you dare.


To score as many points as you can by recovering treasures and defeating the guardians of the tomb.


1. Place the game cartridge into the cartridge slot.

2. Press down the POWER button.

3. Press RESET, then 1 to start a one-player game or 5 to start a two-player game.

NOTE: Any time during the game, you may press RESET to restart the game from the beginning.


Use the right joystick controller for player one and the left joystick for player two.. Use the joystick to move your archeologist left, right, up, or down. Note that he will move slower uphill. To fire your laser gun, press the ACTION button and –at the same time — move the joystick either left or right to fire in that direction. To create a laser flash, hold down the ACTION button and — at the same time — move the joystick up.


When the game begins, you’re an archeologist with three “lives”. You’re in the first of seven burial chambers inside King Tut’s tomb. Take a minute to look at the illustration.

Start moving the archeologist through the maze. These are the things you must do:

Find the Key. Inside each chamber is a key. As soon as you see it, go after it. You’ll need it in order to enter the next chamber at the end of the maze. Once you have the key, your archeologist’s color will turn into golden.

Watch out for Creature Nests. Throughout the maze are creatures’ nests. Creatures of varying species can spring fromthem at any time. Just before they do, however, you’ll hear a “slurp-like” sound. When you hear it, get ready to fire at the approaching creature!

To fire your laser gun: press the ACTION button while you move the joystick either left or right, depending on the direction in which you wish to fire. You cannot fire up or down.

If you’re in a tight spot and can’t seem to fire your way out, you can activate the laser flash. Just hold down the ACTION button while you move the joystick up. The laser flash will cause all the creatures on the screen to disappear … just long enough for you to escape. You’ll start with three flashes, so use them wisely!

Pick up Treasure. Various kinds of exotic and priceless treasures are located throughout the maze. You’ll find them tucked away in alcoves. Just remember that you don’t have to go after each one — especially if it’s too risky. As the astute archeologist knows, some treasures are more valuable than others (the list is on the map page; WARNING: Do NOT click this link when you want to explore the game on your own!). It’s up to you to decide which ones you most desire. Good luck.

Use the Secret Passageways. Secret passageways let you zip from one side of the chamber to the other. They can let you escape dangerous situations. Oftentimes it’s the only way to continue through the maze. Entrances to secret passageways are marked with an “X”.

Watch the Time. The time counter monitors the amount of ammunition in your laser gun. If the counter reaches 00, your ammunition is used up and you cannot fire your laser gun anymore. So try to complete the maze as quickly as you can. Your ammo supply replenishes with each new chamber.

Open the Door. At the end of each maze, you’ll find a door. As long as the archeologist has the key in hand, he’ll unlock that door when he reaches it. Behind it lies the entrance to the next chamber! If the archeologist has no key when he reaches the door, he must go back and get it.

You get an extra “life” and an extra laser flash each time you complete chamber four and chamber seven.


The game ends when you’ve lost the last of your three “lives”. To play again, press RESET and 1 for a one-player game or 2 for a two-player game.


There are four levels of difficulty. Each level is comprised of the seven different chambers. If you complete the seven chambers with at least one remaining “life”, you’ll start again in chamber one.


As you forge deeper into the tomb, you’ll see that inside each chamber is a different maze, different treasures; and different creatures …


See map page (WARNING: Do NOT click this link when you want to explore the game on your own!).


TUTANKHAM has eight game selections. Games 1, 2, 3, and 4 are one-player games. Games 5, 6, 7, and 8 are two-player games. In the two-player games, the right player goes first; players then alternate turns. Your turn ends when you lose a “life”. The game ends when both players have lost three “lives”. To select a game, press RESET and then a number between 1 and 8 (see table).
one-player two-player difficulty time units
0 5 easiest 99
1 6 89
2 7 79
3 8 69
4 9 toughest 59

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