Terrahawks: The Second Assault Order Information

Terrahawks: The Second Assault Cover

The price for one copy of Terrahawks: The Second Assault is 29 Euro + shipping. Please note that due to technical reasons this game will NOT work on NTSC consoles! 100 copies have been made. There will be no second run.

Terrahawks: The Second Assault package
What you will get: Cartridge with original style label, original style
manual (English) and original style inlay for a Videopac+ plastic box.
In the background on the right side you can see how a complete
copy could look like. Please note that we are not able to provide you
with Videopac+ plastic boxes.


Your copy of Terrahawks: The Second Assault will be shipped in a stable box, with insurance and tracking. The following shipping costs are for one game. If you would like to order more copies (i. e. for friends) please ask for actual shipping costs – they will not be much higher than for one game, or might be even the same.

— Austria … 5 Euro
— Europe … 15 Euro (or 11 Euro with no insurance, no tracking)
— USA … 20 Euro
— Brazil … 23 Euro
— Other countries … Please ask


— PayPal … “Send money to friends and family” so that the full amount arrives on our side
— Bank transfer … Free of bank charges if you can use IBAN/BIC


Please use our contact form to order or send us an email. Please indicate your name, address and prefered payment option. Your game will be shipped usually within 1 – 3 days after receipt of your payment.

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