Spider-Man Artwork Owners List

Here you can find the owners list of our Spider-Man artwork. If you bought a copy second hand and are now the new owner, please contact us so that we can update this list. Please provide us with the name of the former owner, your name, email address and the country you live in.

This release has sold out. It was limited to 50 copies.

# Name Country
01 Dieter König Austria
02 Martin Jobst-Tremmel Austria
03 Reinhard Traunmüller Austria
04 Mark Guttenbrunner Austria
05 Karl Illetschko Austria
06 r_type2600 Austria
07 Pere Gomez Spain
08 Maurice Schimmel Netherlands
09 Marc Naninck Netherlands
10 Guido Lenz Germany
11 George Hayward United Kingdom
12 Stephen Lister United Kingdom
13 David Flemming USA
14 Robbert Jansen Netherlands
15 Steph Hayward Netherlands
16 Rene van den Enden Netherlands
17 Alex Lehmann Switzerland
18 Alex de Jonge Netherlands
19 Fred Linders Netherlands
20 Raymond Hofman Netherlands
21 Jo Arve Furland Norway
22 Jeff Rothkopf USA
23 William Cassidy USA
24 Matt Pritchard USA
25 Stephan Freundorfer Germany
26 Marcello Iannuzzi USA
27 Peter Schmied Austria
28 Daniel Grund Sweden
29 Rene Lips Netherlands
30 Jens Brinkmann Germany
31 Hannes Höbenreich Austria
32 Michael Darretta USA
33 Hans Reutter USA
34 Lee Krueger USA
35 Jose Garcia USA
36 Jochem Eigenhuijsen Netherlands
37 Martin Zisser Austria
38 Ian Baronofsky USA
39 Marc Verraes Belgium
40 Kai Stuke Germany
41 Ragnar F. Süberkrüp Germany
42 Martijn Wenting Netherlands
43 Klaus Peterka Austria
44 Dieter Müller Germany
45 Ronny Nordgard Norway
46 James Randall USA
47 Kai Darius Kohl USA
48 Wilco Giezen Netherlands
49 Mark Bodiella United Kingdom
50 Thomas Kellner Austria
51 (Charity) ---

Another copy (the 51st, but without S/N) has been made for charity in 2015.

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