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Eurocon 2009 Is Over

October 27th, 2009 by Dieter in Events

Eurocon 2009Eurocon celebrated its 10th anniversary in Vienna, Austria, from Friday 23rd until Sunday 25th October 2009. The convention was held in the Wombat’s The Lounge city hostel in the Mariahilfer Strasse. The preparations required much more work than those for Austrocon seven years ago, but the result was worth it. We think we had a diversified, interesting program and hope that all the attendees liked it.

I have made a page with the list of participants, my photos, four short video clips of the live bands and links to the photos of other attendees. Enjoy!

Eurocon 2009 And Retrobörse In Vienna

August 26th, 2009 by Dieter in Events

Eurocon 2009 LogoEurocon, the annual meeting of classic gaming enthusiasts from all over Europe (and beyond) celebrates its 10th anniversary! This year we will meet the 9th time in 10 years. After 2002 this is the second convention that will take place in Vienna, and for the second time I am part of the organisation team. Date will be the weekend from 23rd to 25th October 2009, location will be the Wombat’s city hostel in the Mariahilfer Strasse, one of the most famous shopping streets in Vienna.

On Friday the participants will arrive during the day, so there will be already a lot of chatting with old and new friends. In the evening we will visit the famous Prater for gaming in the arcades, having food and drinks, and maybe visit the Praterdome discotheque. On Saturday there will be a Retrobörse in the Technical University. The Retrobörse will be open for the public, but the first hour in the morning will be only accessible for Eurocon participants. Saturday evening there will be a Retroparty at the Wombat’s, open for the public, with 80’s music, live bands (electronic music), retro videos and retro games. Sunday the Eurocon program will continue with Show & Tell, contests, an auction and much more …

For detailed info please check out the official websites of the Eurocon and the Retrobörse.

Mamma Mia!

January 18th, 2009 by Dieter in Events

Mamma Mia!Over 30 million people world wide saw this smash hit musical since its 1999 London premiere, more than 100 000 of them attended the 45 sold out shows in Vienna three years ago. Now Mamma Mia is back in Vienna, from 15th January to 22nd February 2009 in the Stadthalle.

Somehow I missed the Vienna shows in 2005/2006, but being a huge ABBA fans since the late 1970s I had to watch it this time and bought tickets for the premiere on the 15th January. Let me tell you that it was a blast! The story is simple: On the day before her wedding, 20 year old Sophie wants to know which of three possible candidates is her father, so she invited them onto the Greek island where she is living with her mother. Core of the show are of course the 22 top hit songs by ABBA. The story is built so perfect around those songs that one could believe they were intentionally written for the musical.

Vienna sees the original English version as part of the international tour, with a terrific acting Donna (Sophie’s mother) and her two friends Tanya and Rosie (“Donna And The Dynamos”), as well as a brilliant singing Sophie, who sometimes comes close to Agnetha’s unreachable voice.

If you like the songs of ABBA or generally 70s/80s music, you should definitely get tickets for the show in Vienna or somewhere else around the world. You won’t be disappointed!


October 17th, 2008 by Dieter in Events

Genesis in concertOk, it comes a bit late and doesn’t fit exactly this site’s subject, but: Genesis are cult and Genesis had their heydays in the 70s and 80s, oh and they are one of my favorite bands by the way. That’s why I decided to attend their concert in Linz with my wife when I heard that they would play there on their Turn It On Again Tour. Fortunately AtariBuff had a ticket as well, so we met and held a Mini AustroCon ;)

The 19th June 2007 was a hot summer day, turning into a gentle evening, just perfect for an open air. 30,000 people thought the same, so the vibes were fantastic. We had a superb place just inside the foremost wave breaker – not too far from the stage, but no jostling at all. Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer played a sensational two and a half hour show. Their performance was supported by a giant video wall behind the stage that produced a unique atmosphere for each song. Phil is a great entertainer as well, we had many laughs. This was certainly one of the very best concerts I ever saw!

Visit my special page with infos and photos from this event.

Eurocon 2008 photos

October 14th, 2008 by Dieter in Events

Eurocon 2008Eurocon 2008 in Karlsruhe is over. The organizers Lenno, Chris, Jens & Jens did a great job, we had lots of fun and it was so nice to meet old and new friends. The trade meeting was very well attended, Retrogames e.V. had a great atmosphere, the burgers in the cinema center were big, the beer was cold, what else could you want? You can find my photos on the Eurocon 2008 page.

Hope to see you all again in Austria 2009!!