Atari VCS 2600 NTSC And PAL Games List

This is an attempt to compile an NTSC and PAL games list for the Atari VCS 2600. The NTSC part is not too difficult, because there are already some NTSC games lists out there on the web. The PAL part is much more difficult to handle, because many games were announced for the PAL market but finally they were not released in PAL format, others were not announced but exist, and so on …

I will not include all Atari 2600 games in this list. Main purpose is to list all unique games. So the biggest part of the Atari 2600 games library already drops out here. Not included are all the Brazilian games, as they are throughout rip-offs of other games. The same goes for most Taiwanese and Australian games (HES).

I know that at this time there are games and companies in the list that don’t belong there, because they do include rip-offs. I will sort those out by and by.

Homebrews and other new releases are also not included in this list.

If you can help me with this list, please discuss in the corresponding thread in our Atari 2600 forum. Many thanks in advance!

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Game Publisher NTSC PAL
2-In-1 Funvision   Yes
32 In 1 Atari   Yes
3D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari Yes Yes
A Game Of Concentration Atari Yes Yes
Acid Drop Salu   Yes
Action Force Parker   Yes
Adventure Atari Yes Yes
Adventures On GX-12 (Adventures Of Tron) Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Air Raid MenAvision Yes  
Air Raiders Telegames/M Network Yes  
Air Wolf Quelle   Yes
Airlock Data Age Yes  
Air-Sea Battle Atari Yes Yes
Alien 20th Century Fox Yes  
Alien?s Return ITT   Yes
Alpha Beam With Earnie Atari Yes Yes
Amidar Parker Yes Yes
Angriff der Luftflotten Quelle   Yes
Armor Ambush Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Artillery Duel Xonox Yes Yes
Artillery Duel/Ghost Manor Xonox Yes Yes
Artillery Duel/Spike?s Peak Xonox Yes Yes
Artillery Duel/Super Kung Fu Xonox Yes Yes
Assault Bomb   Yes
Asterix Atari   Yes
Asteroid Fire Home Vision   Yes
Asteroids Atari Yes Yes
Astro Attack Goliath   Yes
Astroblast Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Astrowar Goliath   Yes
Atari Video Cube Atari Yes  
Atlantis Imagic Yes Yes
Aufruhr im Zoo Quelle   Yes
Bachelor Party Mystique Yes  
Bachelor Party/Gigolo PlayAround Yes  
Bachelorette Party/Burning Desire PlayAround Yes  
Backgammon Atari Yes Yes
Bank Heist 20th Century Fox Yes  
Barnstorming Activision Yes Yes
Base Attack Home Vision   Yes
Base Attack ITT   Yes
Base Attack Quelle   Yes
Baseball Quelle   Yes
Basic Math Atari Yes Yes
Basic Programming Atari Yes Yes
Basketball Atari Yes Yes
Battlezone Atari Yes Yes
Beamrider Activision Yes Yes
Beany Bopper 20th Century Fox Yes  
Beat?Em & Eat?Em Mystique Yes  
Beat?Em & Eat?Em/Lady In Wading PlayAround Yes  
Berenstein Bears CBS Yes  
Bermuda Quelle   Yes
Bermuda Rainbow Vision   Yes
Bermuda Triangle Data Age Yes  
Berzerk Atari Yes Yes
Bi! Bi! Rainbow Vision   Yes
Big Bird?s Egg Catch Atari Yes Yes
Billard Quelle   Yes
Black Hole Hot Shot   Yes
Black Hole Quelle   Yes
Blackjack Atari Yes Yes
Blueprint CBS Yes Yes
BMX Airmaster TNT Games Yes Yes
Bobby Geht Heim Bit Corp.   Yes
Bobby Geht Nach Hause Quelle   Yes
Bogey Blaster (Air Raiders) Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Boing! First Star Yes  
Boom Bang Quelle   Yes
Boom Bang Rainbow Vision   Yes
Bowling Atari Yes Yes
Bowling Quelle   Yes
Boxing Activision Yes Yes
Brain Games Atari Yes Yes
Break Down Dynamics   Yes
Breakout Atari Yes Yes
Bridge Activision Yes Yes
Buck Rogers Sega Yes Yes
Bugs Data Age Yes  
Bumper Bash Spectravision Yes Yes
Bump?n?Jump Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Burgertime Telegames/M Network Yes  
Cakewalk CommaVid Yes Yes
California Games Epyx Yes Yes
Canyon Bomber Atari Yes Yes
Capture Goliath   Yes
Carnival CBS Yes Yes
Casino Atari Yes Yes
Catch Time Rainbow Vision   Yes
Centipede Atari Yes Yes
Chase The Chuck Wagon Spectravision Yes  
Checkers Activision Yes Yes
Chess Quelle   Yes
China Syndrome Spectravision Yes Yes
Chopper Command Activision Yes Yes
Chuck Norris Xonox Yes Yes
Chuck Norris/Artillery Duel Xonox Yes Yes
Chuck Norris/Ghost Manor Xonox Yes Yes
Chuck Norris/Spike?s Peak Xonox Yes Yes
Circus Atari Atari Yes Yes
Cobra 104 Quelle   Yes
CocoNuts Telesys Yes Yes
Codebreaker Atari Yes Yes
Col ?N? Home Vision   Yes
Color Bar Generator Videosoft Yes  
Combat Atari Yes Yes
Commando Activision Yes Yes
Commando Raid Carrere   Yes
Commando Raid U.S. Games Yes  
Communist Mutants From Space Starpath Yes Yes
Condor Attack Goliath   Yes
Condor Attack Ultravision Yes Yes
Congo Bongo Sega Yes Yes
Cookie Monster Munch Atari Yes Yes
Cosmic Arc Imagic Yes Yes
Cosmic Commuter Activision Yes Yes
Cosmic Corridor Zimag Yes  
Cosmic Creeps Telesys Yes Yes
Cosmic Swarm CommaVid Yes Yes
Cosmic Town ITT   Yes
Cosmic War Home Vision   Yes
Crackpods Activision Yes Yes
Crash Dive 20th Century Fox Yes  
Crazy Climber Atari Yes  
Criminal Persuit Quelle   Yes
Cross Force Spectravision Yes Yes
Crossbow Atari Yes Yes
Cruise Missile Froggo Yes  
Crypts Of Chaos 20th Century Fox Yes  
Crystal Castles Atari Yes Yes
Curtiss Rainbow Vision   Yes
Custer?s Revenge Mystique Yes  
Dancing Plate Quelle   Yes
Dark Cavern Telegames/M Network Yes  
Dark Chambers Atari Yes Yes
Deadly Discs (Tron: Deadly Discs) Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Deadly Duck 20th Century Fox Yes  
Death Trap Avalon Hill Yes  
Decathlon Activision Yes Yes
Defender Atari Yes Yes
Defender II Atari Yes Yes
Demolition Herby Telesys Yes Yes
Demon Attack Imagic Yes Yes
Demons To Diamonds Atari Yes Yes
Der flinke Architekt Quelle   Yes
Der Geheimkurier Quelle   Yes
Der hungrige Panda Quelle   Yes
Der kleine Baer Quelle   Yes
Der moderne Ritter Quelle   Yes
Der Postmann Bit Corp.   Yes
Der Vielfrass Quelle   Yes
Desert Falcon Atari Yes Yes
Dice Puzzle Panda Yes  
Dice Puzzle Sancho   Yes
Die Ente und der Wolf Quelle   Yes
Die hungrigen Froesche Quelle   Yes
Die Ratte und die Karotten Quelle   Yes
Die Springteufel Quelle   Yes
Die Unterwasser Bestien Quelle   Yes
Dig Dug Atari Yes Yes
Dishaster Zimag Yes  
Dodge ?Em Atari Yes Yes
Dolphin Activision Yes Yes
Donkey Kong Atari Yes Yes
Donkey Kong CBS Yes Yes
Donkey Kong Quelle   Yes
Donkey Kong Jr Atari Yes Yes
Donkey Kong Jr CBS Yes  
Double Dragon Activision Yes Yes
Double Dunk Atari Yes Yes
Dragon Defender Rainbow Vision   Yes
Dragonfire Imagic Yes Yes
Dragonstomper Starpath Yes Yes
Dragster Activision Yes Yes
Dschungel Boy Quelle   Yes
E.T. Go Home Quelle   Yes
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Atari Yes Yes
Earth Dies Screaming 20th Century Fox Yes  
Eddy Langfinder, der Museumsdieb Quelle   Yes
Eggomania Carrere   Yes
Eggomania U.S. Games Yes  
Eishockey-Fieber Quelle   Yes
Elevator Action Atari Yes Yes
Eli?s Ladder Simage Yes  
Encounter At L-5 Data Age Yes  
Enduro Activision Yes Yes
Entombed U.S. Games Yes  
Escape From The Mindmaster Starpath Yes Yes
Espial Tigervision Yes Yes
Exocet Panda Yes  
Exocet Sancho   Yes
Fantastic Voyage 20th Century Fox Yes  
Fast Eddie 20th Century Fox Yes  
Fast Food Telesys Yes Yes
Fatal Run Atari Yes Yes
Fathom Imagic Yes Yes
Felix Return Hot Shot   Yes
Fighter Pilot Activision Yes Yes
Final Approach Apollo Yes  
Fire Birds ITT   Yes
Fire Fighter Imagic Yes Yes
Fire Fly Mythicon Yes  
Fireball Starpath Yes Yes
Fishing Derby Activision Yes Yes
Flag Capture Atari Yes Yes
Flash Gordon 20th Century Fox Yes  
Football Atari Yes Yes
Football Quelle   Yes
Forest Hot Shot   Yes
Forest Sancho   Yes
Fox & Goat Quelle   Yes
Frankenstein?s Monster Data Age Yes  
Freeway Activision Yes Yes
Frisco Home Vision   Yes
Frogger Parker Yes Yes
Frogger Starpath Yes  
Frogger II: Threeedeep! Parker Yes Yes
Frogs And Flies Telegames/M Network Yes  
Front Line CBS Yes  
Frostbite Activision Yes Yes
Fuchs & Schweinchen Schlau Quelle   Yes
Fun With Numbers Atari Yes Yes
G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike Parker Yes Yes
Galactic Funvision   Yes
Galactic Goliath   Yes
Galactic Rainbow Vision   Yes
Galaxian Atari Yes Yes
Gangster Alley Spectravision Yes Yes
Gas Hog Spectravision Yes Yes
Gauntlet Answer Yes  
Gefecht im All Quelle   Yes
General Retreat/Westward Ho PlayAround Yes  
Ghost Manor Xonox Yes Yes
Ghost Manor/Spike?s Peak Xonox Yes Yes
Ghostbusters Activision Yes Yes
Ghostbusters II Activision Yes Yes
Glacier Patrol Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Glib Selchow & Richter Yes  
Gogo Home Monster Home Vision   Yes
Golf Atari Yes Yes
Gopher Carrere   Yes
Gopher U.S. Games Yes  
Gorf CBS Yes Yes
Gorf CBS Yes Yes
Grand Prix Activision Yes Yes
Gravitar Atari Yes  
Gravitar Atari Yes Yes
Great Escape Bomb   Yes
Gremlins Atari Yes Yes
Ground Zero Hot Shot   Yes
Guardian Apollo Yes  
Gyruss Parker Yes Yes
H.E.R.O. Activision Yes Yes
Halloween Wizard Video Yes  
Hangman Atari Yes Yes
Harbor Escape Panda Yes  
Haunted House Atari Yes Yes
Hell Driver ITT   Yes
Hey! Stop! Quelle   Yes
Hey! Stop! Rainbow Vision   Yes
Hili Ball Quelle   Yes
Home Run Atari Yes  
Human Cannonball Atari Yes Yes
Hunt & Score Atari Yes Yes
I Want My Mommy Zimag Yes  
Ice Hockey Activision Yes Yes
Ice Hockey Quelle   Yes
Ikari Warriors Atari   Yes
Im Reich der Spinne Quelle   Yes
Im Schutz des Drachen Quelle   Yes
Indy 500 Atari Yes Yes
Infernal Tower Carrere   Yes
Infiltrate Apollo Yes  
Infiltrate Apollo Yes  
International Soccer Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Invasion aus der Galaxis Quelle   Yes
Invasion der UFO?s Quelle   Yes
IQ 180 Home Vision   Yes
Ixion Sega Yes Yes
Jagd auf Diamanten-Frisco Quelle   Yes
James Bond 007 Parker Yes Yes
Jawbreaker Tigervision Yes Yes
Journey Escape Data Age Yes  
Joust Atari Yes Yes
Jr. Pac-Man Atari Yes Yes
Jumping Jack Dynamics   Yes
Jungle Fever/Knight On The Town PlayAround Yes  
Jungle Hunt Atari Yes Yes
Kaboom! Activision Yes Yes
Kampf dem Steinfresser Quelle   Yes
Kampf im Asteroiden-G?rtel Quelle   Yes
Kampf um die Schatzinsel Quelle   Yes
Kangaroo Atari Yes Yes
Karate Froggo Yes  
Karate Ultravision Yes Yes
Katastrophen-Einsatz Quelle   Yes
Keyboard Controllers Atari Yes Yes
Keystone Kapers Activision Yes Yes
Killer Satellites Starpath Yes Yes
King Arthur Quelle   Yes
King Kong Tigervision Yes Yes
Klax Atari   Yes
Kool Aid Man Telegames/M Network Yes  
Krull Atari Yes  
Kung Fu Superkicks Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Kung-Fu Master Activision Yes Yes
Labyrinth Quelle   Yes
Landung in der Normandie Quelle   Yes
Laser Base ITT   Yes
Laser Blast Activision Yes Yes
Laser Gates Imagic Yes Yes
Laser Loop Dynamics   Yes
Lilly Adventure Home Vision   Yes
Lilly Adventure Quelle   Yes
Little Bear Quelle   Yes
Lochjaw Apollo Yes  
Lock?n Chase Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
London Blitz Avalon Hill Yes  
Lost Luggage Apollo Yes  
M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox Yes  
M.A.D. Carrere   Yes
M.A.D. U.S. Games Yes  
Mafia Rainbow Vision   Yes
Magic Carpet Home Vision   Yes
Magicard CommaVid Yes Yes
Malagai Answer Yes  
Mangia? Spectravision Yes Yes
Marauder Tigervision Yes Yes
Mariana Quelle   Yes
Mariana Rainbow Vision   Yes
Marine Wars Gakken   Yes
Marineflieger Quelle   Yes
Mario Bros. Atari Yes Yes
Master Builder Spectravision Yes Yes
Masters Of The Universe: He Man Telegames/M Network Yes  
Math Gran Prix Atari Yes Yes
Maze Craze Atari Yes Yes
Mega Force 20th Century Fox Yes  
Megamania Activision Yes Yes
Mein Weg Quelle   Yes
Meteor Defense ITT   Yes
Midnight Magic Atari Yes Yes
Millipede Atari Yes Yes
Miner 2049er Tigervision Yes Yes
Miner 2049er Volume II Tigervision Yes Yes
Mines Of Minos CommaVid Yes Yes
Miniature Golf Atari Yes Yes
Missile Command Atari Yes Yes
Missile Control Video Gems   Yes
Mission 3000 Bit Corp.   Yes
Mission Survive Video Gems   Yes
Mogul Maniac Amiga Yes  
Montezuma?s Revenge Parker Yes Yes
Moon Patrol Atari Yes Yes
Moonsweeper Imagic Yes Yes
Motocross Quelle   Yes
Motocross Racer Xonox Yes Yes
Motorodeo Atari Yes Yes
Mountain King CBS Yes  
Mountain Man ITT   Yes
Mouse Trap Atari Yes Yes
Mouse Trap CBS Yes Yes
Mr. Do! CBS Yes Yes
Mr. Do?s Castle Parker Yes Yes
Mr. T Quelle   Yes
Ms. Pac-Man Atari Yes Yes
My Golf HES   Yes
My Way Quelle   Yes
Name This Game U.S. Games Yes  
Netmaker Rainbow Vision   Yes
Night Driver Atari Yes Yes
Night Stalker Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Nightmare Sancho   Yes
No Escape! Imagic Yes Yes
Nuts Technovision   Yes
Obelix Atari Yes Yes
Octopus Carrere   Yes
Off The Wall Atari Yes Yes
Oink! Activision Yes Yes
Omega Race CBS Yes Yes
Open Sesame Goliath   Yes
Orbit Base Dynamics   Yes
Oscar?s Trash Race Atari Yes Yes
Othello Atari Yes Yes
Out Of Control Avalon Hill Yes  
Outlaw Atari Yes Yes
Overkill Hot Shot   Yes
Pac Kong Goliath   Yes
Pac-Kong Funvision   Yes
Pac-Kong Quelle   Yes
Pac-Kong Rainbow Vision   Yes
Pac-Man Atari Yes Yes
Panda Chase Home Vision   Yes
Parachute Home Vision   Yes
Paris Attack Quelle   Yes
Party Mix Starpath Yes  
Pele?s Championship Soccer Atari Yes Yes
Pengo Atari Yes Yes
Pete Rose Baseball Absolute   Yes
Peter Penguin Home Vision   Yes
Peter Penguin ITT   Yes
Phantom Tank Puzzy   Yes
Phantom-Panzer Bit Corp.   Yes
Phantompanzer II Quelle   Yes
Pharaoh?s Curse Technovision   Yes
Phaser Patrol Starpath Yes Yes
Philly Flasher/Cathouse Blues PlayAround Yes  
Phoenix Atari Yes Yes
Pick?n?Pile Ubi Soft   Yes
Picnic Carrere   Yes
Picnic U.S. Games Yes  
Piece O?Cake U.S. Games Yes  
Pigs In Space Atari Yes Yes
Pinball Quelle   Yes
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision Yes Yes
Pitfall! Activision Yes Yes
Planet Patrol Spectravision Yes Yes
Plaque Attack Activision Yes Yes
Plate Mania Home Vision   Yes
Polaris Tigervision Yes Yes
Pole Position Atari Yes Yes
Pooyan Gakken   Yes
Popeye Parker Yes Yes
Popeye Quelle   Yes
Porky?s 20th Century Fox Yes  
Pressure Cooker Activision Yes Yes
Private Eye Activision Yes Yes
Pumuckl I ITT   Yes
Puzzled World Quelle   Yes
Pygmy Quelle   Yes
Pyramid War Rainbow Vision   Yes
Q*bert Atari Yes Yes
Q*bert Parker Yes Yes
Q*bert?s Qubes Parker Yes  
Quadrun Atari Yes  
Quest For Quintana Roo Sunrise Yes Yes
Quest For Quintana Roo Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Quick Step! Imagic Yes Yes
Rabbit Transit Starpath Yes  
Racing Car Home Vision   Yes
Racquetball Apollo Yes  
Radar Lock Atari Yes Yes
Raft Rider U.S. Games Yes  
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Atari Yes Yes
Ram It Telesys Yes Yes
Rampage Activision Yes Yes
Raumbasen-Attacke Quelle   Yes
Reactor Parker Yes Yes
RealSports Baseball Atari Yes  
RealSports Basketball Atari Yes Yes
RealSports Boxing Atari Yes Yes
RealSports Football Atari Yes Yes
RealSports Soccer Atari Yes Yes
RealSports Tennis Atari Yes Yes
RealSports Volleyball Atari Yes Yes
Rescue Terra I VentureVision Yes  
Revenge Of The Beefsteak Tomatoes 20th Century Fox Yes  
Riddle Of The Sphinx Imagic Yes Yes
River Patrol Tigervision Yes Yes
River Raid Activision Yes Yes
River Raid II Activision Yes Yes
River Raid II Quelle   Yes
Road Runner Atari Yes Yes
Robin Hood Quelle   Yes
Robin Hood Xonox Yes Yes
Robin Hood/Super Kung Fu Xonox Yes Yes
Robot Fight Home Vision   Yes
Robot Tank Activision Yes Yes
Roc?n Rope CBS Yes Yes
Room Of Doom CommaVid Yes Yes
Rubik?s Cube Atari Yes  
Rubik?s Cube 3D Atari Yes Yes
Save Our Ship Technovision   Yes
Schiessbude Quelle   Yes
Schnapp die Apfeldiebe Quelle   Yes
Schnecke Gegen Eichh?rnchen Bit Corp.   Yes
Schussel, der Polizistenschreck Quelle   Yes
Scuba Diver Panda Yes  
Sea Hawk Froggo Yes  
Sea Hawk Panda Yes  
Sea Hunt Froggo Yes  
Sea Monster Goliath   Yes
Sea Monster Puzzy   Yes
Seahawk Sancho   Yes
Seal To Whales Datatech   Yes
Seaquest Activision Yes Yes
Secret Quest Atari Yes Yes
See-Monster Bit Corp.   Yes
Seesaw Quelle   Yes
Sentinel Atari Yes Yes
Sesam Oeffne Dich! Bit Corp.   Yes
Shark Attack Apollo Yes  
Shootin? Gallery Imagic Yes Yes
Shuttle Orbiter Avalon Hill Yes  
Sir Lancelot Xonox Yes Yes
Sir Lancelot/Robin Hood Xonox Yes Yes
Skate Boardin? Absolute   Yes
Skeet Shot Apollo Yes  
Ski Hunt Home Vision   Yes
Skiing Activision Yes Yes
Skin Diver Funvision   Yes
Skin Diver Sancho   Yes
Sky Alien Home Vision   Yes
Sky Diver Atari Yes Yes
Sky Jinks Activision Yes Yes
Sky Patrol Imagic Yes Yes
Sky Skipper Parker Yes Yes
Slot Machine Atari Yes Yes
Slot Racers Atari Yes Yes
Smurf CBS Yes Yes
Smurfs Save The Day CBS Yes  
Sneak?n Peek Carrere   Yes
Sneak?n Peek U.S. Games Yes  
Snoopy And The Red Baron Atari Yes Yes
Solar Fox CBS Yes Yes
Solar Storm Imagic Yes Yes
Solaris Atari Yes Yes
Sorcerer Mythicon Yes  
Sorcerer?s Apprentice Atari Yes Yes
Space Attack Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Space Canyon Panda Yes  
Space Cavern Apollo Yes  
Space Chase Apollo Yes  
Space Invaders Atari Yes Yes
Space Jockey Carrere   Yes
Space Jockey U.S. Games Yes  
Space Monster Funvision   Yes
Space Raid Rainbow Vision   Yes
Space Raider Goliath   Yes
Space Raider Hot Shot   Yes
Space Robot Dimax   Yes
Space Robot Goliath   Yes
Space Robot Quelle   Yes
Space Shuttle Activision Yes Yes
Space Tunnel Goliath   Yes
Space Tunnel Puzzy   Yes
Space War Atari Yes Yes
Spacemaster X-7 20th Century Fox Yes  
Spider Fighter Activision Yes Yes
Spider Kong Goliath   Yes
Spider Maze K-Tel Yes Yes
Spider Monster Funvision   Yes
Spiderdroid Froggo Yes  
Spiderman Quelle   Yes
Spider-Man Parker Yes Yes
Spike?s Peak Xonox Yes Yes
Spitfire Attack MB Yes  
Springer Tigervision Yes Yes
Sprintmaster Atari Yes Yes
Spy Hunter Sega Yes Yes
Squeeze Box U.S. Games Yes  
Squirrel & Snail Hot Shot   Yes
Sssnake Data Age Yes  
Stampede Activision Yes Yes
Star Fox Mythicon Yes  
Star Raiders Atari Yes Yes
Star Ship Atari Yes Yes
Star Strike Telegames/M Network Yes  
Star Trek Sega Yes Yes
Star Voyager Imagic Yes Yes
Star Wars: Death Star Battle Parker Yes Yes
Star Wars: Jedi Arena Parker Yes Yes
Star Wars: The Arcade Game Parker Yes Yes
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Parker Yes Yes
Stargate Atari Yes Yes
Stargunner Telesys Yes Yes
Starmaster Activision Yes Yes
Steeple Chase Sears Yes  
Steeple Chase Video Gems   Yes
Stellar Track Sears Yes  
Stopp die Gangster Quelle   Yes
Strahlen Der Teufelsv?gel Quelle   Yes
Strategy X Gakken   Yes
Strawberry Shortcake Musical Madness Parker Yes Yes
Street Racer Atari Yes Yes
Stronghold CommaVid Yes Yes
Stuntman Panda Yes  
Sub Scan Sega Yes Yes
Submarine Commander Sears Yes  
Subterranea Imagic Yes Yes
Suicide Mission Starpath Yes Yes
Summer Games Epyx Yes Yes
Super Baseball Atari Yes Yes
Super Breakout Atari Yes Yes
Super Challenge Baseball Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Super Challenge Football Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Super Cobra Parker Yes Yes
Super Ferrari Rainbow Vision   Yes
Super Football Atari Yes Yes
Super-Cowboy beim Rodeo Quelle   Yes
Super-Ferrari Quelle   Yes
Superman Atari Yes Yes
Surfer?s Paradise Video Gems   Yes
Surround Atari Yes Yes
Survival Island Starpath Yes  
Survival Run MB Yes  
Sword Of Saros Starpath Yes  
Swordquest: EarthWorld Atari Yes Yes
Swordquest: FireWorld Atari Yes Yes
Swordquest: Waterworld Atari Yes  
Tac-Scan Sega Yes Yes
Tank Brigade Panda Yes  
Tanks But No Tanks Zimag Yes  
Tanks War Home Vision   Yes
Tanzende Teller Bit Corp.   Yes
Tape Worm Spectravision Yes Yes
Tapper Sega Yes Yes
Task Force Froggo Yes  
Tax Avoiders American Videogame Yes  
Taz Atari Yes  
Teddy Apple Home Vision   Yes
Teller-Jonglieren! Quelle   Yes
Tennis Activision Yes Yes
Tennis Home Vision   Yes
Tennis Quelle   Yes
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Wizard Video Yes  
The Challenge Of Nexar Spectravision Yes Yes
The Music Machine Sparrow Yes  
The Year 1999 Rainbow Vision   Yes
Threshold Tigervision Yes Yes
Thunderground Sega Yes Yes
Time Pilot CBS Yes  
Time Race Funvision   Yes
Time Race Goliath   Yes
Time Race Hot Shot   Yes
Time Race Rainbow Vision   Yes
Time Race Suntek   Yes
Title Match Pro Wrestling Absolute   Yes
Tom Boy Rainbow Vision   Yes
Tomarc Xonox Yes Yes
Tomarc/Motocross Racer Xonox Yes Yes
Tomcat The F-14 Fighter Simulator Absolute   Yes
Tom?s Eierjagd Quelle   Yes
Tooth Protectors DSD/Camelot Yes  
Top Gun Quelle   Yes
Topsy Home Vision   Yes
Towering Inferno U.S. Games Yes  
Track & Field Atari Yes Yes
Treasure Below Video Gems   Yes
Trick Shot Imagic Yes Yes
Tuby Bird Rainbow Vision   Yes
Tunnel Runner CBS Yes Yes
Turmoil 20th Century Fox Yes  
Tutankham Parker Yes Yes
Ufi und sein gefaehrlicher Einsatz Quelle   Yes
Ungeheuer der Tiefe Quelle   Yes
Universal Chaos Telegames/M Network Yes Yes
Up?n Down Sega Yes Yes
Vanguard Atari Yes Yes
Venture Atari Yes Yes
Venture CBS Yes Yes
Video Checkers Atari Yes Yes
Video Chess Atari Yes Yes
Video Jogger Exus Yes  
Video Life CommaVid Yes Yes
Video Olympics Atari Yes Yes
Video Pinball Atari Yes Yes
Video Reflex Exus Yes  
Vogel flieh Quelle   Yes
Volleyball Quelle   Yes
Vulture Attack K-Tel Yes Yes
Wabbit Apollo Yes  
Wachroboter jagt Jupi Quelle   Yes
Wall Ball Avalon Hill Yes  
Wall Break Home Vision   Yes
Wall Defender Bomb   Yes
War 2000 Home Vision   Yes
Warlords Atari Yes Yes
Warplock Data Age Yes  
Weltraumtunnel Bit Corp.   Yes
Weltraumtunnel Quelle   Yes
Wilma Wanderer ITT   Yes
Wing War Imagic   Yes
Winter Games Epyx Yes Yes
Winterjagd Quelle   Yes
Wizard Of Wor CBS Yes Yes
Word Zapper U.S. Games Yes  
Words-Attack Sancho   Yes
World End Quelle   Yes
World Trap Home Vision   Yes
Worm War I 20th Century Fox Yes  
W?stenschlacht Quelle   Yes
X Mission Home Vision   Yes
Xenophobe Atari Yes Yes
X-Man Gamex   Yes
Yars? Attack Quelle   Yes
Yars? Revenge Atari Yes Yes
Zaxxon CBS Yes Yes
Zoo Fun Home Vision   Yes
Z-Tack Bomb   Yes

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