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Terrahawks: The Second Assault Released On Cart As Videopac 70

November 20th, 2013 by Dieter in Videopac

Terrahawks 2 artworkEarly in 2011, Robbert Jansen, administrator of the famous Videopac and Odyssey2 forum, was contacted by a developer of games for Videopac in the days of 1982/1983. The programmer told Robbert that he liked his website and offered him his material from his programming days at Philips. He was going to get rid of them but he wanted his materials to get a good home.

He had many known games like Morse, RobotCity, Turtles, Killer Bees, Q*bert, Terrahawks, Black Hole (Neutron Star), (Play) Tag, SuperCobra, Spider-Man, Popeye and Frogger, but there was more. During testing Robbert discovered 5 unknown titles: A sound tool and the four games Himalaya, Bastion, Cat Burglar and … Terrahawks!

Terrahawks? Not the Terrahawks that we know, but a completely different game!

Robbert asked me if I would like to release the game, and of course I wanted. As always, I made 100 carts with original style label, original style manual and original style inlay for Videopac+ boxes.

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